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The Peel Centre

The Peel Centre stands at the top of High street and was formerly the Methodist Free Church. It was given to the people of Dronfield by the Church Trustees in 1990 to be converted into a community building for the benefit of the people of Dronfield and District.The Peel Centre and the Peel Monument

Near the front entrance stands the Peel Monument, from which the Centre takes its name. This was erected to commemorate Sir Robert Peel and the repeal of the Corn laws in 1846, and is a well-known landmark in the town centre.

Now run by a charitable trust, the Peel Centre is set to serve future people whilst acknowledging the town's proud history. The accommodation available bears the name of local benefactors.

Every effort has been made to provide accessibility for everyone within the limitations of the age and location to the listed building, however it has not been possible to provide wheelchair access to the first floor.
Click here to visit the Peel Centre web site.